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If you ever want to buy a caravan buy a Bushtracker. It's an expensive but exceptionally well built rig.


We initially designed our first camper based on an OKA. In 1998 we started looking for a builder. We met Steve, the owner of Bushtracker. He convinced us that it would be better to travel in a standard 4WD and tow an off-road capable caravan than in a big camper since the weight would be spread over 4 axles and 8 wheels instead of just 2 axles and 4 wheels. The idea was to tow the caravan as far as it makes sense. Then the Caravan would be left on a Campground/State park and the more difficult sections would be accessed only with the towing vehicle. The vehicle would be equipped with all the necessary recovery- and survival-gear to allow trips up to 7 days plus 4 days contingency.

The results of our studies were our Defender 130 Crew Cab as towing vehicle and the Bushtracker camper described below.

The caravan would have much more comfort built in as it would ever be possible in a off-road camper of reasonable size.


This concept was carried on until beginning of 2003 when we decided to also travel the cold areas of the world and to include South-America (very high altitude roads) in our route. At that time we returned to the initial concept of a camper built on the base of an OKA despite the known disadvantages. At that time the Defender as the towing vehicle was already built and in use.


The final version of our 18 feet Camper



The fully self-sufficient caravan would have had the following specs:

  • Length 18 feet (540 cm), width 220 cm
  • Space for 2 permanents and 2 guests
  • Caravan built on a sturdy aluminum frame, aluminum plated walls (Bushtracker standard)
  • Water proof up to 120 cm for water crossings. (Bushtracker standard)
  • Heavy duty 360 degree off-road clutch (Bushtracker standard)
  • Attach points for high-lift jacks and winches for better recovery
  • 16" wheels matching those of the towing vehicle. 2 spare wheels (Bushtracker standard)
  • Military grade tandem axle without shock absorbers (Bushtracker standard)
  • 400W solar panels and solar battery charger
  • Deep-cycle batteries and 230V~ battery charger
  • Chemical toilet and shower
  • 2-3 7 kg gas-bottles
  • Split Air Condition
  • Truma hot water / heating system (gas)
  • Large 4 meter awning
  • 133 liter Compressor fridge
  • ca. 360 liter potable water in 4 tanks
  • Grey- and black-water tanks
  • UV-water sterilization system
  • Gas-stove and oven, 12V= Microwave



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