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OKA NT and Camper Back-Section Specs as of 2015

Main specs, equipment and requirements of our off-road camper, built on a 6.5 t Australian OKA-NT cab-chassis with a mounted back-section from Alu-Star in Germany


Travelling the world's remote areas alone requires much better preparation than travelling in convoys. One has to be able to handle all sorts of technical, medical and environmental emergencies by oneself.
Even if the list below looks like being totally paranoid, it is in fact just part of serious planning and the hope to never use the whole lot.


The resulting truck is based on the following requirement:

  • 2 passengers
  • Several years of non-stop travelling
  • Suited for all climates
  • Used to travel alone in remote areas
  • Range approx. 1600 - 2000 km (with 80 l Diesel in jerrycans)
  • Self-sufficient for 7 days, + 4 days contingency under all circumstances
  • Very good and complete set of gear to get out of all sorts of troubles


The truck


Standard setup



OKA: OKA, Bibra Lake, WA, Australia (Note: the company exists again since 2018)
OKA-NT cab-chassis


"Cummins" ISBE 170 30 (Emission standard Euro 3)
4 cylinder; 3.99 litre; common rail turbo diesel;
170 HP 125 kW @ 2500 rpm; 600 Nm @ 1500 rpm


"New Venture" NV4500HD
5-speed manual

Transfer case

"BAE / Vickers". Semi-permanent 4-wheel drive; 2-speed; no diff between front and rear axle (e.g. centre locked if in 4WD)


"BAE / Vickers". Front: live axle 3485 kg; Leaf springs (12 leafs); 4 shock absorbers (2 optional)
"BAE / Vickers". Rear: live axle 4385 kg; Leaf springs (13 leafs); 4 shock absorbers (2 optional)


Ventilated disks front and rear

Fuel tanks

2 tanks, 115 litre each (1 tank optional); The tanks have been replaced (see further below)

Options (OKA supplied)


Locking hubs

"AVM" Free Wheeling Hubs

Hub step front

OKA built


"Titan" 19.5" x 8.25" Bolt Together Rims
(OKA delivers ordinary steel rims of the same dimensions as standard)

External sun visor

OKA built

Cruise control

ECM controlled

Exhaust brake

"PacBrake" Direct Mount Exhaust Brake; 80 PSI back pressure

Extras (not supplied by OKA)



"Paralizer" P 165
(mandatory to get a comprehensive insurance for the truck in Western Australia)


"Michelin" XDE2+ 305/70 R19.5 (uni directional) or, "Hancook" DH05 305/70 R19.5 (bi directional) or
"Bridgestone" M729 305/70 R19.5 (bi directional)
tubeless (two spares, one mounted on rim)


"Bieri Kriens"; The suspension has been completely replaced due to various problems

Shock absorber

"Monroe" Magnum 60 or "Powerdown" P42372 (8 shock absorbers)

Compressed air dryer

"Wabco" Air Dryer

Roof rack

"Alu-Star"; Aluminium construction

Diesel tanks

Left tank: 160 l; Right tank: 190 l; 4 jerrycans: 80 l.

Electronic rust-proofing

"CouplerTec" HD4WD 4 emitter rust proofing system

Surveillance camera

"Navman" MiVue 700/730

Reversing camera

"WAECO" PerfectView M5L



Touring range

1400 - 1800 km (1900 - 2300 km with 80 l diesel in Jerry Cans)

Measurements (including back-section)

Length: Cab-Chassis 5.76 m (with back-section 5.96 m)
Width: Cab-Chassis 2.00 m (back-section 2.10 m)
Height: Cab-Chassis 2.51 m (with back-section 3.12 m)


Cab-chassis with options and extras but without back-section: ~ 3715 kg
Empty motorhome (no fuel, no water, no passengers, no load): 5520 kg
Camper fully laden incl. 2 people, 220 l water, 450 l diesel: 7245 kg
GVM: 6500 kg (7260 kg after suspension upgrade)
GCM: 9000 kg


Max. 120 km/h (typical 70 km/h on gravel roads, 80 - 90 km/h on sealed roads due to fuel consumption)

Turning cycle

~ 16 m

Fuel consumption



Consumption per 100 km (approx.)

90 km/h

bitumen, flat

21 lt

30 - 70 km/h


24 lt

30 - 70 km/h

off-road, rocks, gravel

18 lt

20 - 50 km/h

off-road, deep sand

33 lt

30 - 110 km/h

year average

21 lt




CB UHF Radio installed:" iCOM" IC400Pro; 477MHz 5W (Australian Standard); Antenna: Flexibly mounted 15cm antenna on roof.
CB UHF Radio handheld: 2 "Crystal" DBH50R; 477MHz 5W (Australian Standard)
Sat-phone: Iridium "Motorola" 9575 Extreme (GPS and Emergency Call); External Antenna; Postpaid SIM card from "AST Perth"; Mail access via
2 mobile phones (to call each other when separated in foreign towns)
Internet connection: "Silentwind" WebCatcher WiFi-antenna on roof or
Mobile phones used as modem to Laptop


GPS Main: "Garmin" Montana 610; External antenna on roof.
GPS Hot-Backup / hiking: "Garmin" GPSMAP 64s; External antenna on roof.
GPS in emergency package: "Garmin" eTrex International.
PC for Navigation: "Microsoft Surface Pro 3" and Docking station; Connected to GPS Garmin Montana 610, "Garmin" GPSMAP 64s and the "Iridium" Sat-phone.
GPS Software on PC: "Quo Vadis" QV7 moving map software; MemoryMap V6; "Garmin" BaseCamp.
Paper maps: various maps and guides
Vector maps for GPS and QV7: OSM-Australia map; Tracks4Australia;
OSM-maps for some European, African and South-American countries; "Tracks4Africa"; various local South-American maps.
Raster maps for Quo Vadis QV7: "Natmap" Raster 2008 Australia map; various HEMA-Maps of Australia; 50K maps for certain areas in Australia; "bsmap" for African and South-American countries.
Raster maps for Memory-Map-6: Hema Map AusTopo250 and other free Hema Maps; Hema Desert Tracks.

Emergency and security

Extensive emergency and survival kit, packed into 2 red "Georg Utz" Rako-boxes ready to be taken out in seconds, in case the truck catches fire.
Fire extinguisher 6 kg powder-type
2 breathing masks for 10 minutes: "Braegger" Parat C
Extensive medical emergency set and literature.
Survival books and literature regarding edible local plants.
Extensive anti-theft and hold-up measures.


Full set of tools for all the repairs we are able to do ourselves.
Most commonly used and most critical spare parts.
Vise-mountable on front bumper.
Service- and repair manuals, electrical diagrams and parts-lists for the whole truck and the equipment of the back-section (all as PDF-files).


Manually operated winch: "Habegger" Hit 32 (3200kg lifting capacity).
Winch rope: 10 m steel rope for the manual winch.
Rope extensions: "Dynamica Rope" 11 mm; 35m long; "Dynamica Rope" 11 mm; 30 m long;
1 snatch strap 11000 kg.
1 snatch strap 8000 kg.
1 tree protector
1 hydraulic 3-stage bottle-jack 11 t .
Sand boards: 8 fibreglass-reinforced sand boards 150 cm x 40 cm from "".
Earth nails: Model used by the Swiss fire brigade
4 snow chains (mainly for mud driving)
Snatch block: 1 "ARB" Snatch Block 9000. SWL. 9 t, Breaking strength 17.5 t
Shackles: 4 x 8.1 t SWL; 1 x 5 t SWL; 1 x 3 t SWL
1 Drag Chain.
1 long handled shovel; 1 spade.
1 pick-axe.
1 chain saw "Rancho" 230V~; 1300W.
1 bow saw; 1 jigsaw.
1 big axe; 1 small axe; 1 machete.





Aluminium-honeycomb - PE foam - GRP sandwich.
Walls and top: 57 mm: 30 mm Aluminium Honeycomb; 25 mm PE-foam; 1.8 mm GRP
Floor: 80 mm: 30 mm Aluminium-honeycomb; 40 mm PE-foam; 5 mm rubber foam; 3 mm Aluminium; 2 mm Linoleum


Main-door: Split door; Upper part hinged at top, acts as rain and sun protection when open; Lower part hinged at the side; During the night the mozzie screen door inside the main door can be closed together with lower part of main door.
No escape-door to the driver cab.


3 big "Seitz" fold-out windows: Plastic; Double glazed; Covered by Aluminium lids for better insulation, security (RoRo-ferries) and environmental protection. The Aluminium lids can be additionally secured from the inside (RoRo-Ferries).


2 large Polycarbonate hatches with 100% mozzie-proof flynets; can be armoured from inside for more security on RoRo-ferries.
100% rain and spray proof in lowest opening position; Can be fully opened for roof access.

Chassis - back-section adapter

100 mm galvanized steel frame sitting directly on the chassis; Flexible screwed connection to the OKA-chassis via 4 hollow rubber springs and steel guides.

Cab - back-section connection

Driver cab and back-section are not physically connected. Plugs are used for all electric connections. The back-section can be "easily" separated from the truck using a crane.


Cabin overall: Length 3900 mm; Width 2100 mm; Height 2000 mm (w/o chassis adapter).

Heating and Cooling

Heating: Underfloor heating driven by OKA's motor cooling system or by the "Eberspaecher" Hydronic M II diesel water-heating. Thermostat controlled.
Air Condition: N/A


House-Battery: Mastervolt MLi Ultra 12-5000; 360 Ah; ~290 Ah (80%) usable energy; Charged either by the alternator via B2B-loader or the solar controller or 230V~ from the battery charger.
Solar panels: 7 x "Phaesun" PN-SPR S 100; Theoretical max. 700 Wp;
Solar controller for house battery: "Mastervolt" SolarChargemaster MPPT 60; Max. load power 60A; Practical load current over 30A.
Battery charger / inverter / transfer system: "Mastervolt" Mass Combi Ultra 12-3000-150:
House battery charger: 150 A; Start battery charger 10A; Inverter: 3000W permanent; Transfer system: 30A.
B2B-Loader: "Votronic" VCC 1212-45 Li; Max. load power 45A.
12V= circuit breaker/switch panel: "Philippi".
System monitor: "Mastervolt" MasterView Easy and "Mastervolt" USB Interface.

Water tanks / pumps / city water

2 x 100 litres in stainless steel tanks. No connections on the side or bottom of the tanks.
Tanks withstand a car-fire without leaking.
20-litre boiler "SIGMAR Marine" water-heating boiler COMPACT 20 l; Heated either by OKA's cooling system, by the "Eberspaecher" Hydronic M II diesel water heating or by 800W 230V~ from inverter or external power.
Water pump: Water inlet: "Lilie" Smart Serie LP 1002; 18.9 l/Min; 5.2 bar (not recommended because of lousy build quality).
Water pump: Filtered water outlet: "Lilie" Smart Serie LP 1002; 18.9 l/Min; 5.2 bar (see above).
Water pump: Bore water outlet: Same pump as used for water inlet (used if water system is switched to two-water-quality-mode)
City water connection bypassing both pumps but not the filters.
Water level gauges: "VDO" Freshwater tank gauge (capacitive).

Water treatment

Water inlet: course filter followed by 2 parallel 10 µm particle filters (for better throughput).
Water tanks: Silver-Ion capsules from "Lilie".
Water outlet: 5 µm active carbon filter for the ordinary cold and warm water followed by a UVC-sterilizer for the potable water faucet: "Purion" UV 400 E: max. 6.5 l/min (400 l/h).


Diesel stove: "Wallas" 85Dt; Diesel; Glass-ceramic; Standard pans for electric induction stoves.
Induction cooking plate: "Caso" S-Line 2100: 230V~/2100W driven by the inverter or with external power.
Inverter Microwave/Convection Oven/Grill: "Caso" IMCG25; Max. power consumption 2050 W (1 cooking type).
Sink and faucet: "Blanco" Lantos-IF; Steel double sink; "Sonaqua" Japura WH311 faucet; all standard household equipment.
Fridge: "Wemo"-ezetil EZC 60; "Danfoss" 35 compressor; 60 l fridge; runs either on 12V= or 230V~ external power; Can be used as deep freezer
Kitchen-, side- and main-table: Plastic coated GRP-sandwich with wooden border strips. The only wood used in the whole back-section.


Shower: Inside shower with shower curtain; Outside shower.
Toilet: "Thetford" Porta Potti 345 Qube.


All furniture is built on Aluminium frames. Walls are made of 5 mm GRP - cardboard - GRP honeycomb; doors are made of Alu-Cobond (Alu-Plastic-Alu sandwich).
There is no wood used at all.


"Göckler" 2 kg CO Fire extinguisher; "Mentrex" Flame Stop 125 x 180 cm fire protection towel.
Removable fire/smoke alarm outside. Normally mounted in the driver cab.
Fire/smoke alarm inside.
Ultrasonic intrusion sensor in front cab, Narcotic gas alarm and CO detector inside back-section.


Tools / equipment



2 foldable "Tern" D8 city bikes.

Hiking gear

Tent for 2 persons: "North Face" Nebula; High quality Sleeping bags; Self-Inflatable "Therma-Rest" mattresses.
Backpacks for day-tours and for tours lasting several days.
All the necessary bits and pieces for tours lasting several days (orientation, cooking, toilet, security, first aid).



No liability for timeliness, integrity and correctness of this document is accepted.
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