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OKA NT and Camper - Flops and Improvements as of 2015

Building a new back section based on 10 years of travelling experience and some problems with the old back-section still doesn't mean the new one hasn't its own flaws. Here are the new flops and improvements done on the new back section.


  • None so far


  • 8000 kg Snatch strap
    During a recovery the snatch strap should match 2 - 3 times the weight of the lighter vehicle. Our 11000 kg snatch strap would apply too much force to a 3.5 t vehicle.
  • Hanger for towels inside
    Under the overhead compartments some rods to hang towels and the like were added.
  • Clothes hanger over shower pan
    Over the shower tray a removable hanging rail to hang wet clothes can be mounted.
  • Insulation of roof hatches
    Some 5 mm flexible Trocellen insulation mats can be mounted inside of the roof hatches.
    A difference of 3°C is noted if they are mounted.
    It also helps against water condensation.
  • PC-monitor and TV screen
    An external PC monitor is needed for our tablet-PCs. The standard screens are too small. The monitor also works as video or TV screen.

Changed, improved and replaced

  • Roof hatches sprayed white
    The roof hatches are built from 8 mm transparent Polycarbonate plates. On sunshine the inside temperature gets too hot. We now painted the hatches white outside. It is still light inside but part of the heat is reflected. Next time we would use semi-transparent white polycarbonate instead.
  • Tablet-PC docking station not gravel-road and off-road proof
    The Microsoft Surface 3 tablet-PC in the driver-cab is mounted on a standard docking station. On bad roads the PC jumps out of the holding mechanism. Various improvements were necessary, but the result is still not promising. The standard connection for power and data (USB) is constantly losing contact and windows is disabling the USB ports after a while. Then the PC has to be restarted. Using an external USB-hub and connecting the hub directly into the only on-board USB connector of the tablet solves that issue.
  • "Lilie" water pump
    One pump has already been exchanged on warranty. All pumps do not satisfy due to lousy production quality. They all run very loud and rough. We already had to replace bearings on 2 pumps. They were either corroded even so there was no way water could have entered the pump motor housing or they were just worn. We suspect that Lilie sells second quality pumps or even repaired pumps from the original manufacturer. The pumps are not good.
  • Heat insulation for the diesel stove
    We installed the cooker to close to the walls. The walls around the diesel stove must now be insulated against the heat. For that we use our splash-wall from the shower.


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