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Greece 2003

Aghia - Igoumenitsa

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June 13 - June 27, 2003
Aghia - Kamari - Kanali - "Transamazonica" - Ovrios ("Little Paradise") - Zagora - South cost - Volos - Makrichori - Olymp - Prioni - Olymp - Petra - Olymp - Kokkinoplos - Livadi - Elassona - Trikala - Elassona - Deskati - Kalambaka - Ambelia - Panaghias Chrisinou monastery - Klinos - Krania - Paleochori - Glikomilia - Stournareika - Vlacha - Geladaria - Stournareika - Vathirevma - Polineri - Mirofilo - Paleochori - Ambelia - Hiking tour- Vourgareli - Theodoriana - Paleochori - Anthousa - Matsouki - Christi - Katarapass - Metsovo - lake Aoos - Igoumenitsa - Ferry to Italy - Ancona - Switzerland

Leg map (klick on map to enlarge map)

June 13, 2003

Aghia - Kamari - Kanali - "Transamazonica" - Ovrios ("Little Paradise")

Today we get up early taking advantage of the cool morning. It's 7 AM and already 24 degrees Celcius warm.

We pack up quickly as we intend to go to the beach at the ocean. Unfortunately we don't find the correct way and continue driving south.
Goal is now to reach Kanali via Kamari. We get quite heavily lost and finally rest at a chapel for breakfast.

Shortly after we stay at the village square of Sklithro und ask the residents for the way to Kanali. Even if we don't understand them we comprehend that we have return and follow the main road.
The road get's bigger after each intersection until we reach the main road to Kalamaki. We follow the road over a ridge (nearly 1000m altitude) into the main valley, to Kanali and over the next hill to the sea.

The way to the beach is quite narrow and reminds us more to the "Transamazonica" then to Greece. Also the forest is The forest is so dense, one better calls it a jungle. Lianas grow and it has a lot of waterholes and soft patches on the track. We imagine, it could be tough to pass this track during the wet season.

In middle of the jungle we find a meadow big enough for a whole "Krauer group" to camp.
(For the "unaware readers": Martin Krauer was our tour-guide on the Tunisia trip; See more under Journeys --> Tunisia).

Finding the way isn't easy at all. Despite GPS and 1:50'000 maps we select twice the wrong way. Even the map is of good quality it deviates up to 400 m against GPS, which makes navigation a game of luck and trial on error.

High above the sea we espy a beach at the blue water. That' exactly where we want to go!
But there's still a long way to go (doesn't look's like on the pictures) and we indeed manage to take the wrong way a few more times .
Around 4 PM we finally arrive at Ovrios beach.

A small stream flows through the romantic bay into the sea.
We call it "Little Paradise", which best describes what it really is ...

First of all a swim. The water is enjoyably warm, so even Susi stays in it voluntarily for quite a while!

Another dweller shows up, surprised at our appearance and asks how we managed to find this place. He says, that it is even for the locals very difficult to reach this marvelous place the way we came. We were a fair bit proud ....

He also tells us that there will be a long weekend ahead in Greece starting tomorrow and that this lovely place will be hopefully crowded over the next 3 days. So we decide to leave tomorrow again. What a bummer!

After diner and the usual dish washing procedure there is once more time for a swim. Eating half of a water melon then tops up our water balance.

In spite of the remoteness of the place 2 Cross-Bikes and a Mazda-UTE pass by and follow the way we came from.

It's getting dark and a beautiful full moon illuminates our little paradise.

June 14, 2003

Ovrios - Zagora - South coast

The sun forces us to leave our tents already before 8 AM. Breakfast is taken under a tree as it is already too hot in the mozzy tent.

After 10 we are ready to go. Courageous Peter drives over the sand to the other side of the beach. Beside of one soft spot it turns out to be easy. Susi chooses the way through the stream but lacks of momentum in the steep sandy part right after. But she also manages the challenge.

On the other side of the bay we encounter that the road is paved nearly down to the beach. No wonder is everybody and his mother coming here for the long weekend!

Further we continue on grave road to Zagora, where we go shopping for the long weekend, drink a Coffee-Frapée, send SMS's and do our regular phone calls.

On route we find this interesting display of fruit- and vegetable-preserves.

Around noon we start heading south.

Arriving at the South coast region Ruedi wants to look for a good camp already at the first beaches. after an odyssey through the local olive groves we find the first beach, which is in fact not a beach but a steep coast. The camp site at the second beach doesn't look all to promising. A lot of fisher boats and nearly no room for camping.

We drive around the South strip and right at the first possibility to the beach

After jolting a few meters over the beach we find a marvelous small meadow right at the sea were we decide to camp for the weekend.

Before we can go for a swim at last, the first group of Greeks arrive and settle down just a few meters apart.
By and by 2 other cars also arrive at the beach near us as well as 2 other groups settling behind us. Soon we camp as close as on a camping site.

Furthermore our neighbour's wife is constantly nagging at her son.

Sunset is beautiful, but unfortunately heavily distorted by neighbours nagging monster.
Neighbours make a great hullabaloo by their gabble and music, but finally succeed to get quiet before 11 PM .....

June 15, 2003

South coast

At 6 AM action starts beside us as the men leave in a boat. We stay in bed since we have nothing planned for the day. We stay up at 8 for a comfy breakfast.

The nagging woman next "door" again constantly bitches at her child. So we decide to leave for a more peaceful place.

There are lot of beaches like "ours" but either they are not accessible or already crowded. Obvious at a long weekend when the weather is beautiful.

We decide to drive to the end of the road shown in the map and then to determine if we go for a beach at this coast or if we leave for some other place maybe inland. The marked end of the road on the map emerges to be the real end of the road and we have to turn around.

Shortly before the end of the road we find quite a big beach with only 3 cars. We drive through their camp and settle down in the far rear part of the beach.

For the rest of the day we do nothing else then being warm. It is so hot, we do not even have lunch.

Wonderful: No jangling, nagging, snubbing creature around - so peaceful!

The photographers go deerstalking. Peter finds a praying mantis.

As it finally cools down a bit we start eating diner. At 7 PM dish washing has also already been done.
Heidi and Peter need another swim and shower after playing badminton.

At a short briefing we determine it to be too hot for us at the coast. Tomorrow we will leave for the Mt. Olymp further north.

June 16, 2003

South cost - Volos - Makrichori - Mt. Olymp

The cock cries shortly before 8 AM today. We pack our car as far as possible as long as they still stay in the shade.
Eating breakfast and packing the rest has to be done after the sun went up. We sweat accordingly.

Around 10 we pass again the Greek neighbours camp bach onto the road continue our journey.

On our way north we pass the adventurous truck of a local chicken deliverer.

We choose the fastest way through Volos und on the motorway. Near the exit Makrichori we have a Coffee-Frapée break in the shade of old massive trees at 34 degree.

We decide to stay on the motorway until close to the Mt. Olymp where we intend to sleep at our "bear place".
On our first trip to greece we were visited at this place during the night by a fully grown brown bear ... wasn't all to pleasant ... Unfortunately the track is too heavily washed out and we would have had to repair the track for at least one hour. We were not in favour for this kind of fun today.

So we drive to another place nearby we also already know from our previous visit two years ago. There we enjoy ether a shower (warm) or a bath in the stream (cold). We pack up our backpacks for tomorrows hiking tour at the Mt. Olymp just before a thunderstorm forces us into our cars.

At 20:30 Ruedi still fails to find the GPS tracks, is frustrated and and shuts down his PC.
Finally the rest of the group is "allowed" to go now to the restaurant in the near village.
There nobody speaks any English, German, French, Spanish, Italian .... so we are invited to the kitchen to select our food from the grill. Several things sizzle on the barbeque. We order by" finger pointing". The meal is very good even we don't really know what it all is. Only Susi's meet can definitely be defined as "something that once had wings".

After 10 PM we ride back, prepare for the night and go to sleep.

June 17, 2003

Prioni - Olymp - Petra - Olymp

Wake-up call is very early to day (at least for Peter): We climb already at 6:40 out of our tents.
Shortly before 9 we leave towards Pironi where we leave our cars at the end of the road.

We first wander a fair bit back on bitumen before branching into a walkway down to the monastery.

There are a huge number of monasteries all around Greece in a possible conditions.
Unfortunately we can't visit the ruin as it is getting restored right now.

At the stream we enter the official and well known hiking trail which will finally bring us back to the cars.
A lot of people are brought by tour busses to the end of the road from where a path starts that normally is walked down to the next village.
We prefer hiking uphill against the crown.

The trail is in good condition and often we have a nice view to the Olymp.

At a beautiful place at the stream we pause for lunch. Peter holds his foot in the water and instantly gets a cramp in the cold water.

Never less Heidi and Ruedi have a short bath, Susi und Peter go on strike. The water is too cold, coming directly from the top of the Olymp.

We continue our ascent enjoying the marvelous Alpine scenery.

After 2 PM we return to our last camp intending to take a bath there, but the camp is full of Gypsies. So we directly continue towards Petra.

We want to follow a small track marked with green line (scenic road) on the map. Without problem we even find it's start point!

We follow the track to an intersection with is marked with its GPS coordinate on the map. Our GPS shows remarkable different coordinates than the map. It makes us a bit insecure, as the map is usually "only" inaccurate by max. 500m. Later we see a note on the map telling that the positions are partially intentionally wrong for copyright reasons. Could really be true as other GPS coordinates on the map proofed to be very precise.

We now follow the road with the green line on the map. Unfortunately there is no view down the valley since the trees are meanwhile too high and too narrow at the road.
Often we have to drive very slow because we are touching the branches.

At the highest point at the turning point of the road in the valley we look for today's camp. We don't find anything nice or romantic until we drive a fair bit back, where we park at the roadside having a nice free view to the peaks of the Olymp. Not a single car will drive by during our stay.

Soon after sundown it get's uncomfortably cold and we reach for our sleeping bags.
Crazy! Two days ago we were lying at the beach with 34 centigrades!

June 18, 2003

Kokkinoplos - Livadi - Elassona - Trikala - Elassona - Deskati - Kalambaka

Even so Susi had the intention for a long lasting sleep, Ruedi already goes up a 7:30 and at 8 he decides, also the other members of the crew will have had enough sleep by now! So we pack up and at 10 we are already on the road again.

We add a small loop on a little track before arriving in Kokkinoplos. Right before the village we take a small road to the west: A beautiful Alpine track.

We find an bank full of forest-strawberries. We collect a lot of them for a long awaited "Birchermuesli".
Unfortunately the berries end as mush in Heidi's fridge, so a small desert is all we get :-((

Before Livadi the sky looks not only cloudy but very dark grey.
We decide to directly approach the already known camp at Meteora where we will have to wash our clouds once again .

We already know Livadi from our first journey where we got heavily lost.
This time we are prepared and very cautious.
We proudly find the right way through Livadi, find the right exit and also the correct first branch after Livadi. In the lowlands after Livadi faith caught up with us and sent us higgedly-piggedly through the countryside until we found back to the paved road we were looking for. We choose the south-route via Elassona and Trikala. In Elassona we somehow end up on the yellow road which we then follow to Deskati.

Neverless we arrive already around 7 PM at the camp in Kalambaka near the Meteora monasteries.
While connecting the power cable Ruedi looks for the 230 V~ plug converter but doesn't find it. Susi then finds it in the same plug we left it the last time we were on that camp. Amazingly nobody has taken the adapter.

We enjoy the warm shower and wander afterwards through the village for diner. We order again backed cheese, but it isn't as good as the one we had in Kipi.

June 19, 2003

Kalambaka - Ambelia - Kloster Panaghias Chrisinou

Today we take it easy. The trees on the campside spend some good shade, so it doesn't get hot in the tent.
After an ample breackfast Ruedi has to geo-reference the South-Pindows maps and Peter has to import them to his GPS-Connected PDA. The women do the washing.

All of a sudden we see a strange animal walking over the floor.
It looks like a hudge grasshopper. It's length is about 7 cm (no kidding!).

Due to our cosiness we nearly forget to checkout of the campside before noon.
We managre shopping easily before 1 PM, buy also some nice fruits on the way before heading south on a large dirt track.

After several tries we find the right way through the river and also the sequel of the dirt track. We don't find the turnoff to the small track we are looking for, exept it is a dry river bed which is not ridable.

So we take the lager road to Ambelia and there the small dirt track up the hill.
The track is small, preciptios and tapered towards peripheryt. It is quit challenging for the drivers as the cars occationally slip.

In the thik of it a thunderstorm is appraching.
We try to leave the steep tracks as fast as possible and to get back to the wider dirt road which would bring us back to Ambelia.

The rains starts shortly before we are back on the wider track. That one is also already slippery but it has a shoulder and is not tapered.
As the rain carries on and get's even heavier, driving is getting unconfortable and dangerous. Down in the vally the rain looks to be even more intense.

We decide to stay over night half way down just beside the lost Monastery Panaghias Chrisinou and park on the forecourt.

Camping on a former church square might not be a bright idea since the church looks to be still occationally in use. We park nearby on a flat area and install our tarps and tents.

Rains stops around 5 PM and we finaly eat some lunch.
Shortly after at 7 PM we are fed again. Dessert: Kaiserschmarrn with vanilla creme. Splendid!!
For the unaware: Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian speciallity: cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins.

On the spot we stay it has a lot of grasshoppers. Somehow they believe in a flooding and flee in thousands to tall plants and up the church wall.

Fog waves over the valley and the outlook is fantastic.

The evening alows once more astonishing pictures to be taken.

Since it is very clammy, we soon after find ourselfs in the sleeping bags.


June 20.2003

Kloster Panaghias Chrisinou - Klinos - Krania - Paleochori - Glikomilia

Today Susi is at fault: She wakes us up at 6.50 thinking it uis 7:30 Uhr.
Peter nearly couldn't cope with it ....

After breackfast we are at 9:30 already on our way. No wonder after such unforgivable misbehaving! Since we don't find the first branch to Klinos we take the next road further down.

After Klinos the road rises again until we drive mainly in the fog. The few sights we get in between the waft of mist look very promising.

After a small part of paved road we continue again on a small track (one with the green stripe on the map).
This is todays challange indeed as the track was used by big trucks to drag timber.
Partially the grooves are too deep and we cannot drive in the lane but on the tracks shoulder.

Halfway we meet the grader fixing the road. What a bummer! The track is now less bumpy, but the holes in it still quite deep.

In Krania we change to another small track towards Paleochori. Also there we get into the fog.

We stop at a known well but we only find a plastic tube with a small rinse.
Looks to be it, but is not usable to fill upp the watertanks.

But here we see interesting two layerd rocks. Lookas if the upper part has flown once over the lover layer.

After Paleochori a paved road brings us down to tha valley, where we want to look for a campside beside the river

On route (shortly before 2 PM) Heidi, Susi and Peter express their which to eat lunch. Ruedi believes there would be good places at the river bank.
First of all we meet a funeral right beside the church on the one lane track. We have to wait until the people all passed by.
Then we look for the way to Monastery Taxiarchon. Close to the monastery we agree that the dirt track would be too steep to drive back, should rain fall. We go back.
So we start looking for our camping spot on the river further down. Ruedi insists, that eating lunch now is no good practice since we will find our bivouac within a few minutes.
The track along the river is crossed by many small creeks which is a problem for Peters tow-bar as he touches ground on about every crossing. To that effect we move on very slow.

Exactly 20 Minutes past 3 PM the crew mutins: We eat lunch now!

300 m after the place we eat lunch we find a nice Campside under the trees directly beside the river :-)).
Unfortunately the riverbed is dry on this side. Only a small rill flows here.

We install the site and Heidi an Peter start reading books.

Since the water is not flowing right beside of our camp, we start redirecting the river, so we get the right sound during the night.
One our late also Heidi and Peter join to help.
2 hours later work is completed and the water dabbles nicely before the "house".

Next is taking a shower and prepairing diner.
Some sheep herds are passing by.

Later on the idyll get's slightly embittered as a heavy garbage-truck bails it's full load onto a sandbank in the nmiddle of the river. The motto is: "The next flood will wash the rubbish and our problems away....."
Emazing these days! A few days ago we saw a lot of people taking a bath further down the river.

After the daily photo-show we tiredly fall into our sleeping bags.

June 21. 2003

Glikomilia - Stournareika - Vlacha - Geladaria - Stournareika - Vathirevma

Wake-up call is only at 9 tday. The sky is still clouded and there is no sight in the mountains.
This means extended breackfast.
Towards 10:30 weather is getting better and we start packing up.

Before noon we start our journey towards Stournareika. This time Peter does better and doesn't constantly smashes his tow-bar into the track so we can carry on much faster.
What all a lunch can do ;-)
In Glikomilia we once more are looking for a signpost but with some luck we find the right track directing south also without it.
Navigation in greece is difficult. The correctness and availability of signposts on 2. and 3. class roads is horrible even with the correct maps and GPS available, since also the maps are very inaccurate and sometimes wrong by several 100 meters.

The valley is verry green with very dens forrests.
A shepherd drives in front of us in his old HiLux until he finds his animals.

The road continusly worsen back in the vally it also get's wet and mellow, but it stays ridable. Shortly before the pass we meet a timber truck winching tree trunks along the track. Doesn't make the track look better ...

After a short break on the pass we continue to the talmac road near the ski-lift.

After a few kilometers only we branch off againt to the dirt track towards , Vlacha, a road very seldom used. Dthe road has many deep mud holes, the cars look grat again!.
Further we go heading south-west. Near Geladaria we find a signpost for Stournareika, but we take a smaller, less used and smaller track.

Navigation is again very demanding, as we partially drive on roads with no signs of use so it is difficult to decide which way to go on branches.

Abot 2 km before the pass a tree is blocking the track (Ruedi: A small tree this time!).
We decide to cut it instead of draging it away.

Then it get's even smaller and steeper. About 500 m before the pass the track goes straight up the hill and has a lot of wash-outs. After prior inspection we decide to continue and it works out to be easyer as expected. One has to keep in mind, that our cars are heavy loaded up to the rim which makes it much more difficult to cope with the terrain and there is an eminent chance of breacking a drive shaft.

On the other side a nice valley perfectly illuminated by the sun

We continue west over the pass and down into the valley. It is very narrow and we don't find no spot for camping.

The cows make themselfs comfortable on the road and don't move. we have to drive around them.
Also the farmers still do a lot of things without machines.

After an hour we find a flat square below the main-road before Vathirevma.
Not very quiet bit it will do.

It has a lot of gorgeous spurge-caterpillars (or how ever they are called in English).


June 22. 2003

Vathirevma - Polineri - Mirofilo - Paleochori - Ambelia

As Heidi is already hunting around at 7:30 we go up with cold 12°C.
Sky is fully blue.

Before departure our dirty exhaust has to be documented first. The dirt is rock solid.

We leave around 10 AM direction west, buy fruits and vegetables on a mobile sales stand in Vathirevma and take the pass direction sourth to Polineri. The dirt track is well maintained and we get along efficiently.

We corner through the hills and see a river below in one of the valleys.
That's where we want to go!

Around noon we are in Mirofilo and decide to eat some fruits and to take a bath.

The water temperature is about 19° C. Susi only takes a small dip. It's too cold.
It's also quite shallow. Peter, Heidi and Ruedi let themselfs drift for approx. 50 m but that's all of the glory.

After 1 PM we continue on paved road heading Paleochori. At Ambelia we top-up fuel, buy milk, yogurt and icecream.
Then it rises uphill, beginning on paved roads and later on on dirt tracks.

After 2 km a hudge tree is blocking the road. Ruedi would like nto push it off the road.
Since the hill is quite steep and the tree, even if broken into 3 parts, very heavy, the rest of the crew believes it to be too dangerous. Ruedi once more may not play around with his toysand is slightly pissed-off.
We deside to go back and take another road with the same destination.

At 6 PM we are at an altitude of 1800 m.

There we find a gorgeous flower meadow, where we place our cars.
Shortly after we eat diner.
Since the sundown is already after 7 PM, the sun will shine into our tents shortly after 6 AM next morning ....

June 23. 2003

Ambelia - Hiking - Vourgareli - Theororiana - Theodoriana

Sunrise is as expected right after 6 AM and it starts warming up our bones.
We still stay in bed. 6 o'clock is too early to go up!

The heat of the sun forces us out of bet after a short while.
There is ample breackfast as we want to hike up to the top of the near hill.

9 AM we move on, uphill as far as we can drive.
A first smal rock we are able to pull away.

Further up is soon the very end of any driving: There are too many, too big rocks blocking the track.
We put on our hiking boots and off we go to the top.

After 500 m we reach the end of the road, so we would not have driven much further anyway. We walk throug gorgeous flower meadows, the photographers could rest here for ever and a day ....

We find some peculiar rocks having spheric inclusions.

Having such nice weather and such a good sight one is clear: We have to go to the top.
We accend slowly and enjoy the superb views.

Even we walk on the ridge, there are still rocks lying around as in a scree.

The top on 2290 m still doesn't offer a full 360° view, but at least 300° are visible and the outlook is gorgeous and worth any drop of sweat.

We enjoj the well-deserved rabbits and cakes on the mountain top.
Unfortunately we cannot stay for long as a thunderstorm is approaching and the way downhill will be partially steep and slippery when wet.

After our descent we return to last nights campsite and wash ourselfs with the freezing-cold spring-wather.

We curve downhill and take lunch near a mobile-antenna.
Since the fallen tree is still blocking the road (and Ruedi still not allowed to remove the obstacle) we take again the deviation thru Vourgareli, where we go shopping again at the local gas-station.

We would like to drive northwest via Theororiana over a pass.
The mountains here are are quite high and impressive.
More and more clouds flash by and it is rather cool.

Half way up to the pass a nativ lets his doughter ask us in English where we intend to go. After our explanation, he informes us that the narrow road over the pass is still cosed for another month. On the picture above one can see where the road woul go .... it's a pity!

So we decide to look for a camping spot further down in the valley after Theodoriana. A gravel-pit is not very invitational, but a provisional track used to bild a new road, just beside the river is more to our liking.
Only later we notive that the dump of the nearby village is just oposite the river. Again they dump all the rubbish into the river and the whole slope is full of colured plastic bags. We don't understand it at all!! Since it doesn't smell from the dump, we don't care, but the evening bath in the river is canceled und we wash ourselfs using the bush-shower.

Our lovely wifes make pancace and maple-sirup for diner and shortl after we are in the lala-land.

June 24 2003

Theodoriana - Paleochori - Anthousa - Matsouki - Christi

Next morning life starts very early at the building site mand catapults us out of the snuggly sleeping bags
After breackfast we start at 10 AM northwards.

We stash water on one of the many wells they have all around greece.
Greece governments intention isit to catch all the water from all the fountains and to make it accessable to the public. The country has lots of wather at least in the nordern part.

This church has a very special bell tower indeed.
Look as they were run out og money before completion ....

We also pass this tidal barrier.
It was completed 1995 but never used afterwards.
The locals have been resettled further up the hill when they started building the dam, but now they start returning down into the vally again.

It's getting constantly hotter.
At the bridge to Paleochori, which is currently inhabited by cattle we branch off and go down to the rivera.

A bath in the river is the go now! It's the same river we already took a bath on the 22. of June.
Up here theb water is a few degree colder than a few days ago further down.

Susi hops into the water only to get pictured.
(Right after we find her in the warmest jacket she could find ...).

Soon after we corner uphill an behind every pass there's a next chain of mountains ahaed of us ....

Around noon we reach a pass where the road is strewn by caterpillars.
Peter first tries to drive around them but failed.
Nature is brutal. Caterpillers eat their injured colleagues even before they are dead.

Before Anthousa we take a small track over the hill.
Die landscape is very imposing, one drives one the ridge most of the time.

Some time later on the alpine road on about 1800 m we eat lunch. Birchermüesli with a lot of self picked strawberries.

We take the road via Matsouki, and hope to find a camping spot on about 1400 m but on this altitude it has a lot of cattle and herdsmen, so we decend down to the valley.

We pass a monastery that is actually built into the mountain.

Around Christi it is very hot and Heidi starts suffering again.
We looking for a camp, but have to go a few villages further.

Luckily we find a road that leads into the river bed where wi find a spot for the night. Even it is alread after 6 PM we have a extensive bath in the river.
Hier two rivers merge: The water in the one comming from the narrow valley is bitterly cold, the water from the one flowing over a flat plain for quite a while already is warm.
The water at the merging is shallow and one can not swim. We lay in the water and enjoy the spa. Afterwards we have shower as we are well aware that further up the road all the rubbish is dumped into the river.

The day ends with diner and with watching our new pictures on the PC's.

June 25 2003

Christi - Katarapass - Metsovo - Aoos-See

Since we park in the shade we can sleep in until 8 AM without getting boiled.

After breakfast we drive in the river bed back to the bridge to get some action pictures.

We take another bath before weleave. Even so the water is not as warm as yesterday evening, we can still enjoy the spa.

Cooled down we head north after lunch.
One last view that shows our camp from way above the river.

The road is very narrow and has some nasty washouts.
As we are high up in the steep mountains it needs quite some currage to pass them.

The white road has a green line in the middle and is bumpy. The views are stunning.

When we reach the pass around 2 PM to eat lunch, we can already see down the valley to Ioaninna.

Consulting the map we see a large artificial lake at north om 1400 m altitude, west of the Katara Passes. Thats where we want to go. We have red a magazine where they also camped at that lake.

We drive strait to Metsovo, go shopping and get a Eis coffee.

After 5 PM we continue our journey. We chose the northern route since the magazine describes it as being adventures. Nowadays it is a 6 m wide gravel road and besides a few potholes in best condition. At the dam of the artificial lake we find a nice rest area were we stay over night.

after diner we watch the cloads and the distant lighning before going to bed in greece for the last time.

During the night we hear strange howling. It seems to come from allover the valley.
We as wellas heidi are sure we heard wolfs, but Peter recons they are dogs, strange ones, but still dogs.
Ruedi is very exited and is nearly unable to sleep. He constantly looks out of the tent and peers for wolfs. But even if they where wolfs we are too close to civilisation to be able to see them. The animals would not walk just below the street light just that Ruedi can spot them. Also the occational cars passing by doe not help.

June 26 2003

Aoos-See - Igoumenitsa - Fähre Richtung Italien

8AM we are already awake since we have to be at Igoumenitsa by late afternoon.

After breakfast and packing up, we say good by to the greek hinterland.

We heading east. At the westside of the lake there are divers in a dingy and lots of police. Happily they cause a delay for us.

We reach the main road where we decide to see the Katara Pass before we continue towards Igoumenitsa.

Then we must drive towards Igoumenitsa, where we get cheap fuek for the last time.

Since we have some time left, we turn around and look for a nice beach we have seen on the map. Ruedi recons it is easier to find the beach by driving through a small village instead looking for it from the city side. At first we hardly find the way through the village and afterwards it doesn't get any better inn the flat agriculture area. According to GPS we have still 2 km to go.
The tracks get narrower and there are many closed gates on our way. We give up.
Lateron we read in a magazine, that we should have opened the gates to get access to the beach.

Instead we go now to the beach closest from town.
A flat sandy beach, the water warm as in the bath tub and lots of greek peaople!
Neverless we have a swimm, also this experience must be made once.

After a final freshwater shower Heidi misses her glasses. Unfortunately we don't find it anymore
Ruedi helps out with one of his. She fits quit well.

At the Superfast counter we get our boarding passes, head into town for shopping and an "afternoon tea", return to the harbor and queue up for boarding.
Relativley late we find out that we wait in the wrong queue.
But we are lucky and by pushing to the queue for "Camping on Bord" we still find a spot on board under the open sky.
In exchange for the unfriendly pushing and the good spot we get sprayed by sea water during the night and the tents get sprinkled by rain during the day.

June 27 2003

Ancona - Schweiz

On our arrival at Ancona the wetter is beautiful.

Peter reduces the tyre pressure (why ever he had pumped them up higher than usual) and we head homewards.
Nach 2 Zwischenhalten essen wir z'Nacht in der Raststätte Bellinzona.

Heidi and Peter plan to stop at the Disentis campsite over night, but change their mind and also drive home today.
At the Gotthard Ruedi gets his glasses back, we say good by and are home around 9 PM.

We had a superb time in greece and it is for sure not the last time we have been there.



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